Exit Strategy & Succession Planning

Achieve the right outcomes for your business and realise its actual value with specialist business exit and succession planning solutions that support your long-term aspirations.

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Our Exit Strategy & Succession Planning Solutions

For many business owners, their company represents a significant part of their personal wealth. Most will look to sell their business at some time, so being properly prepared is important.

So, too, is being clear on your aspirations, both now and in the future, so that when the time comes, you can achieve your financial and personals goals and act in the best interests of your business and your people.

Getting the right support and advice throughout your business journey is essential, as it will help you keep exit and succession in mind as you develop and grow your company.

Including business value growth and exit readiness in your decision-making process will help ensure you realise the best value for your business when it’s time to exit and ensure you can do so quickly and cleanly.

At Holcombe Associates, we fully support the need for long-term value growth and exit planning. We understand that not every business owner may have the time or experience to do this themselves, so we can act as a trusted external partner to help you navigate the journey as smoothly as possible.

A wide range of support

Get Ready for the Future

Preparation is key to optimising the value of your business, so it’s essential to seek advice in advance of your exit so you can plan and evaluate your options thoroughly. We believe it’s never too early to start planning for the sale of a business and often work with clients many years ahead of exit to gain a thorough understanding of their personal aspirations and financial objectives.

If you’re planning on exiting your business for whatever reason, we’ll work with you and your management teams to develop the right strategy so that the best value can be achieved.

We can help you to:

  • Understand the external options available to your business
  • Identify and manage key business risks
  • Improve the structure and transparency of the business
  • Strengthen your management team and implement a succession plan
  • Strengthen the processes and decision-making within the business

Business sales often fall through or generate well below their value potential because they have not been optimised and de-risked and are dependent on their owners.

Our exit planning process aims to increase the likelihood of a successful sale, increase the sale value and reduce or eliminate the amount of any deferred payment.         

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Work with Holcombe Associates

We’ve supported a wide range of businesses across the UK and helped them develop and grow, from small family enterprises to larger SMEs. 

We have many years of experience at the sharp end of business, identifying and exposing inefficiencies, producing and delivering solutions and improving business performance.

Whatever size and type of business you have, if you need some advice, support or guidance, whether that’s to solve a specific problem or develop a longer-term growth strategy, we can help. 

To find out more about our services and how we can help you achieve your business objectives, whatever they may be, give us a call today.